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Today’s news in 10 minutes

Today’s news in 10 minutes
Today’s news in 10 minutes

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September 15, 2023

Today on CNN 10, we’re beginning with news on Hurricane Lee. The storm is expected to make landfall along the northeast U.S. and Canada over the weekend. We’re also looking at mysterious lights captured in a video taken before the earthquake in Morocco. Then, we’re looking at artificial intelligence and how tech leaders and politicians are discussing the challenges of managing it. All that and the sale of a famous TV house on today’s episode of CNN 10.


1. In what North African nation did a powerful magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit over the weekend?

2. What was recorded on video shortly before the earthquake that is a mystery to scientists and seismologists?

3. This week, a house featured in what TV sitcom recently sold for a big loss?

4. To what country did North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un travel to this week for a high-profile meeting?

5. A recently concluded experiment by NASA suggested we may be one step closer to making oxygen on which planet?

6. On September 9th, a terrible storm named Daniel brought flooding and destruction to what country in North Africa?

7. A rescue mission took place this week in one of the world’s deepest caves which is located in which country?

8. What is the name of the mountains where you would find the cave system mentioned in number 7?

9. What is the name of the hurricane that’s expected to impact the northeast U.S. and Canada this weekend?

10. Tech CEO’s and senators met in a closed door session on Thursday to discuss the regulation of what technology?

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Today’s news in 10 minutes

Today’s news in 10 minutes
Today’s news in 10 minutes

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